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We produce masterbatches and additives for the plastic sector, and we have been present in the area of plastic materials since the mid 80's. In those same years the corporation started to produce foaming agents for the shoe manufacturing sector, and soon after was dedicated to the color sector, beginning the production of Masterbatches that have become since then the core production of the business.

And today, now that we have assumed the company name of Zefiro S.r.l., the Replast Masterbatches brand continues to identify the Masterbatches colors and additives of our corporation.

Our Masterbatches are produced on many base polymers, and are available in a wide range that includes generic products and those more sophisticated for techno polymers and special application fields. In particular we produce masterbatches on PE, PP, EVA, PE WAX, GPPS, HIPS, PVC rigid and plasticized, ABS, SAN, PC, PET, PU, PMMA, PA, POM, and rubber carrier, especially for cable production.

The attainment of the quality certification ISO 9001, obtained from certifying agency Det Norske Veritas a few years ago, represented a subsequent approval of the corporation’s strategy that has always put first quality production and the creation of a suitable structure to guarantee it.

  Zefiro srl, Via di Montebuono 23, 51100 Pistoia, Italy - Tel. +39 (0)573 91.32.20 - Fax +39 (0)573 91.32.22
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